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Answering the Waterfowler's Call
Contest Caller Information
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Contest Caller information from the Calendar   Robbie Iverson
Hometown:   Ottawa, IL USA
World Championships   Ranked Contest Caller Click For Details (...)
Currently ranked #4 in the Duck Calling Power Rankings
Currently ranked #5 in the Goose Calling Power Rankings
My dads whole side of the family hunts, so I basically was brought up to hunt. When I was about 12 years old, I bought a dozen goose shell decoys, a dozen duck shells, 4 Big Foots, and a mojo duck. I bought all of this for my dad on Christmas. We werent real big hunters then, but now it is a whole different story. In the 05-06 season we had our first big year, shooting 19 ducks and 18 geese. In the summer of 06, I was in a terrible ATV accident. Before the accident, I never knew how to blow a short reed goose call. As a result of the accident, I required three surgeries. I was cooped up in my room all summer and one day went over and picked up the Pit Boss made by Knight and Hale Game Calls. I started to tinker with it, until one day I finally got it…I knew how to blow a short reed goose call. I have been hooked ever since and have now started to call in goose calling contests. The call I blow is a TRIPLE CROWN, made by TIM GROUNDS CHAMPIONSHIP CALLS. Come getcha so
Wins (53)Placed (103)Competed (57)Judged (15)ResumeRankings History (1171)
2019 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2019 Mississippi Valley Two Man Duck
2018 KAW River Regional Duck
2018 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2017 Presley's Outdoors Illinois River Regional
2017 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2016 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2015 Champion of Champions Goose
2015 Presley's Outdoors Open Goose
2015 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2014 World Goose Calling Championship
2014 Southern Michigan Regional
2014 Midwest Open Goose
2013 Presley's Outdoors Open Meat Duck
2013 Illinois State Duck Calling Contest
2013 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2012 World Live Goose Calling Championship
2012 World Goose Calling Championship
2012 Presley's Outdoors Two Man Meat Duck
2012 North American "Masters" Goose Calling Championship
2012 Illinois State Duck Calling Contest
2011 Mason Dixon Regional
2011 Presley's Outdoors Open Goose
2011 North American "Masters" Goose Calling Championship
2010 Cystic Fibrosis Open
2010 Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest
2010 Mason Dixon Regional
2010 Bass Pro Shops Clarksville, IN Two Man Meat Duck
2010 Bass Pro Shops Clarksville, IN Open Meat Duck
2010 Mississippi Valley Open Goose
2009 World Goose Calling Championship
2009 Tim Grounds/So. IL World Open Goose Calling Championship
2009 Cabela's Hammond, IN Open Duck
2009 Rogers Sporting Goods Grand National Intermediate Goose
2009 Presley's Outdoors Two Man Meat Duck
2009 Illinois State Open Goose
2009 Illinois State Intermediate Duck
2009 Illinois State Duck Calling Contest
2009 North American Intermediate Duck Calling Championship
2009 Indiana State Open Novice Duck
2009 Mississippi Valley Intermediate Duck
2008 Intermediate Worlds Championship Duck
2008 Mason Dixon Regional Junior Duck
2008 Brick Tavern Open Two Man Goose
2008 Brick Tavern Open Intermediate Duck
2008 Grand Slam Intermediate Duck
2008 Illinois State Novice Goose
2008 Great Lakes Open Novice Duck
2008 Great Lakes Open Novice Goose
2008 North American Intermediate Goose Calling Championship
2008 Mississippi Valley Intermediate Duck
2007 Indiana Open Two Man Meat Duck
2007 Presley's Outdoors Novice Goose
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