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Answering the Waterfowler's Call
Live Contest Scoring "Score Sheet"  
The "Live Scoring System" not only provides real-time information for calling contest fans, it provides a detailed reporting. Listed below is the complete score sheet for the contest. To see the scores from the individual judges, look at the detail for each round.

Contest Name:   State Line Challenge Open Duck
Date:   7/11/2009
Location:   Beaumont, TX
Total Callers:   9
Total Rounds:   3
Total Judges:   5
Complete Results1st Round2nd Round3rd Round
Score Sheet
NamePlaceRnd 1 #ScoreRnd 2 #ScoreRnd 3 #Score
Jason Campbell122352263(498)1294(792)
Clint Parker Johnson2102327258(490)2292(782)
Nick Patin332285259(487)4286(773)
Ian Tauzin412326259(491)5275(766)
Ward McGee592333255(488)3272(760)
Billy Rowley652271257(484) 
Austin Hebert742284254(482) 
Grant Moore86217 
Jerry Landry87217 
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