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Registering as a member/user at is not required in order to access much of the useful information and the unique features the site offers. As has been the case since our launch in 2005, the site and all the information contained remains free and open to anyone and everyone on the World Wide Web! However, becoming a registered user (member) of will open up a whole new level of content, not found on any other Waterfowl Hunting site. is now a Social Networking site and offers many of the same features people would find on FaceBook, MySpace, or Twitter. Our slant on the Social Networking side of things is that we have geared our tools and features toward Waterfowl Hunters. If you are a Waterfowl Hunter and want to tap into what is going on in the Waterfowl Hunting world, registration at will offer you the following special features:
User Profile
All registered users at have their own user profile. As a registered user, you will be responsible for and totally in control of the information that is displayed on your profile and who will be able to see it. You will be able to share a profile picture, supply your demographics, indicate you preferences on notifications to receive, and even enter your own bio.
Find Friends
You will be able to choose other registered users of as “Friends”. These will be the people who can see any of the information that you include on your profile. You’ll be able to adjust settings on your profile in order to indicate which information you want to share with your “Friends” at
User Interactions
The mission of is to deliver all the information that a Waterfowl Hunter might need before, during and after hunting season. We do that through extensive online databases that allow you to find the information you need with ease. This information consists of Companies, Products, Events, News, People, online Media, and more. As a registered user at you will have the opportunity to interact with this information in order to increase its value for other online Waterfowl Hunters.

Examples of those interactions are:
Indicate your interest in a topic - You will be able to indicate that you are interested in (Like, Follow, Fan) a particular topic within our databases. Once you do this for a topic (person, event, company, product) then you can receive updates on your profile when any information about the topic is changed or added.
Event Attendance – You will be able to see which Companies, Industry Celebrities, and other users will be attending a particular event. You’ll also be able to indicate whether you plan on attending as well.
Enter Comments – You will be able to enter comments on any topic in the system. Other users will be able to view your comments and rate them on their usefulness.
Ratings – You will be able to rate the Companies, Products, and Events listed in our databases and leave feedback for other users.
User Content
As a registered user at you will also be able to enter content into the system. Basically, you will be able to contribute to our extensive online databases so that all Waterfowl Hunters on the World Wide Web are guaranteed the most up-to-date information possible.
News Items – Want to make sure that your “Friends” and even all other users of the site know about important news? You will be able to provide links to these news items no matter where they are found. We’ll help you categorize it so that it will show up to those who will find it interesting. This could be information from Ducks Unlimited or Delta Waterfowl, or even updates from your state Wildlife Resources Agency.
Field Reports – We all need to do a good job of keeping up with how our hunts go, and we provide our users with tools to do just that! You can define your different hunting locations and enter a daily log of how your hunts went. If you so choose, you’ll be able to share hunting locations with one or more “Friends” at so that they can also enter Field Reports for the same location. This is the perfect solution for keeping up with the hunt totals at a shared blind or lease property. Our Field Reports will allow you to be as detailed as you want to be in terms of species, sex, and numbers. If you take full advantage of the system you will be able to run reports to view the statistics for all, or some of you hunting locations.

While the details of your Field Reports will only be viewable by the users you choose, the raw data will be used to calculate totals for and derive activity for your Area, State, Region, and Flyway.  You can rest assured that your details will not be viewable by anyone other than those you personally approve.
Companies – You will be able to enter companies into our database. This could be a manufacturer of Waterfowl Hunting equipment, or perhaps just a good guide service that you know about.
Products – You will be able to enter products that are offered by the companies in our database.
Events – You will be able to enter your own events into our system. This might be a large Outdoors Expo that you want everyone in your region to be aware of, or it could be a Ducks Unlimited Banquet that you are helping to organize. Whatever the event, you can make it public to other users on the system if you think they will find it useful or will want to attend. You can define the "reach" of the Event as Regional, State, or ZIP code, depending how you wish it to be broadcast to other users.  You’ll also have the ability to enter private Events that you only want to share with your “Friends”, or other users that you invite. This could be a weekend of hunting or a work party for your shared blind. No matter the type of Event you enter, you will be able to provide the important information up front as well as updates along the way.
Rich Media (Audio, Video, Images) – We all know that in today’s day and age, there is no shortage of rich media on our own computers and on the Web in general. As a registered user at you will be able to upload and link rich media and then associate it with not only yourself, but also with the Companies, Products, Events, News, and People that are part of our databases. This means that you will on one hand be able to share rich media with your “Friends” on the system, but you will also help build an extensive catalog of ANY rich media on the Internet that ALL other Waterfowl Hunters will be interested in. This could simply include photos and videos of an Event, or audio and video of notable People, Companies, and Products.
In short, by becoming a member/user at you will become an active participant in our broad and diverse community of online Waterfowl Hunters and Enthusiasts. As a whole, our community is building the most informative web site around!
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